Find in a blink the GRAM recommendations of all the most common diseases in dogs and cats. 
Easy-to-use even during consultation.

1 disease = 1 practical sheet with treatment diagrams and color-coded antibiotic guidance. 

The multi-disciplinary group of 10 experts from 7 European countries worked with a consensual approach in order to not just sum up several personal recommendations, but truly reflect the consensus of the ten experts, on all the chapters.


Ceva brings a range of Q&A and training sessions to your doorstep. 

LEARN more about antimicrobials with:
- 29 GRAM recommendations: Q&A about sampling, interpretation, causes of failure and dealing with multidrug resistant infections,
- 6 synopsis chapters of the GRAM book: sharing knowledge about hygiene, pharmacological basis, prevalence & relevance of antibiotic resistance,
- classifications & drug index.

And TRAIN and evaluate your skills with:
- videos: practical training and lectures
- online clinical cases with quiz

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