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The Bella Moss Foundation is a charity that promotes prudent antimicrobial use and hygiene in human and veterinary medicine, with the aim to achieve a world where multi-drug resistant bacteria are a rarity.

The Foundation communicates with the general public, academic institutions, government departments and leading researchers around the world on a regular basis. It works in collaboration with these and other bodies to provide education, information and support for veterinary professionals and animal owners to improve infection control, knowledge and practice. The Bella Moss Foundation does this to save lives and to prevent the spread of infections in humans and animals.

The guidance contained within GRAM, produced by a Pan-European expert panel, is consistent with these aims. The Foundation shares Ceva’s commitment to responsible and rational use of antimicrobials with the aim of using “as little as possible and only as much as necessary”. The Bella Moss Foundation is pleased to support the GRAM initiative.

“Not all infections are caused by bacteria: some are viral and do not respond to antibiotics. Also, not all bacterial infections require antibiotic therapy.” This is one of the warnings for pet owners on the waiting room poster, produced in 2011 by the FECAVA Working Group on Hygiene and the Use of Antimicrobials in Practice, in collaboration with the Bella Moss Foundation. The working group (which included Luca Guardabassi and Ana Mateus) produced four posters altogether: Recommendations for appropriate antimicrobial therapy, Decision tree on whether or not antibiotics should be used, Key recommendations on hygiene in practice, Advice to pet owners on responsible antibiotic use.

The four posters have been translated into several languages and have been distributed throughout Europe. They are freely available upon request.
In order to raise awareness on antimicrobial resistance among companion animal veterinarians, FECAVA organised a Hygiene Symposium at the WSAVA/FECAVA Congress in Geneva in 2010 and a Symposium on antimicrobial resistance at the FECAVA EuroCongress in Dublin in 2013.
FECAVA is also a long-standing associate partner of the European Platform for the Responsible Use of Medicines in Animals (EPRUMA).
In short, FECAVA has a solid track record in combating antimicrobial resistance, one of its top priorities.

It was therefore with great pleasure that we heard about the GRAM initiative and accepted an invitation to attend the meetings of the European GRAM expert panel. This has allowed us to witness first-hand the discussions and debates that were at its heart. What is ideal from a scientific viewpoint is not always practical and we were happy to see that feasibility was part of the consensual process.
The European GRAM book is a valuable, practical tool and we hope that it will contribute to the responsible use of antimicrobials, for the benefit of the health of people and their pets - and allow a continued, reliable use of our worthy allies in case of need: antibiotics.

"The International Society of Feline Medicine is delighted to see the GRAM project initiated by CEVA come to fruition with the publication of this multi-author book, written by a number of leading European experts.

The growing threat of antibiotic resistance to both human and animal health is not something that can be ignored and continues to receive much media coverage. Just as in the medical profession, there is a need for veterinary practitioners to be critical about their use of antibiotics and ensure they are not used inappropriately. This can be challenging, and to have a comprehensive and reliable source of information (such as this book) will be an invaluable resource for busy practitioners… congratulations to all involved!"

Andy has worked as a feline-only vet since 1987 and trained as a specialist at the University of Bristol. He is a popular speaker and internationally recognised as a
feline specialist. He has published widely, and in 2004 co-authored Self-Assessment Colour Review of Feline Medicine with Dr Sarah Caney. Andy is the co-editorin-
chief and founding editor of the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, and in 2012 after being associated with International Cat Care for more than 25 years, he
joined the charity as their full-time Veterinary Director.

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